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The Cay Vocabulary Task

The Cay 
Vocabulary Task

Our class has been reading The Cay for reading we are up to chapter 7. On of the tasks was to pick a key word out of the book and do this activity. I found this  a bit to easy.

Here is my activity:

Titanic News report

Titanic News report

WALT: We are learning to writ a news report
For writing we have been working on doing reports on the Titanic. I found this activity fun but a little bit hard. I liked finding out all the information for example Did you know that 12 dogs boarded the Titanic and only 3 survived?

Here is my report:


On April 12th 1912 The biggest ship non to mankind set sail for the Atlantic ocean, she was called the TITANIC know to be a fancy hotel on water. People said that the TITANIC would never sink.

Image result for images of the titanic transparent backgroundAfter the TITANIC had been on the sea for 3 days other ships sent a warning message, that at 11:40pm an iceberg was spotted and to be careful, but the captain Edward J. Smith didn’t worry and headed through the night at full speed.

SUNDELY the TITANIC was approaching a iceberg, and for such a big ship it was hard to turn around. The TITANIC hit the iceberg. BIG holes started appearing on the ship water stared furiously coming in at the bottom of the ship.

Soon people realised that the TITANIC was going to sink! Nobody on the ship was ready for this. The worst thing was that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone so the children and women got to go first and most of the men were left behind. To make the matter worse most of the lifeboat left only half full!

After 2 hours of the TITANIC hitting the iceberg the TITANIC went down. As it went under the water the front of the ship went down and the back lifted out of the water.
The back keeped on rising until the ship pointed straight down. Hundreds of people fell into the sea. Others held on to whatever they could.    

SUDDENLY the whole ship slid down into the water and sank to the bottom of the sea. Fifteen hundred people died that night, even the Captain Edward J. Smith went down with the ship.

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book character day 2018

Book Character Day
Grey Main School 2018